Call for availability: +1-650-430.3268

Large productions are defined as those jobs that involve multiple players. By contrast, small photo shoots only involve a couple of players.

It is understood that a 'Rental Day' is ten (10) hours; between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Over-Time (> 10 hours) is prorated: 1.5x first 2 extra hours, 2x additional.

Full payment will be due upon occupying the property.



Small Photo Shoots: $500/day

Large Photo Shoots: $1,000/day

Motion: $1,500-2,500/day


Upstairs Location

Small Photo Shoots: $1,250/day

Large Photo Shoots: $2,000/day

Motion: $2,500-10,000/day (call us)


For weekend rentals, add $250-500.

Combined: Rent the whole house: $500 off the total.

Sorry, we do not offer hourly or partial day rental rates.


Equipment Rental

Large format prints (up to 44" wide) on Epson 9890: priced per square foot, depending on paper.

Available for day rental (extra charge):

  • Profoto 2R 2400 pack with 3 heads
  • Profoto beauty dish
  • 2400W mono lights (2)
  • ring flash
  • soft boxes
  • umbrellas
  • 2 SunBounce
  • ND Window Screens (1, 2, 3, 4 stops)
  • multiple c-stands
  • regular stands
  • 2 high rollers
  • booms (various)
  • tripods (various)
  • grips
  • sand bags
  • apple boxes
  • paper backgrounds (many sizes and colors)
  • fabric backgrounds
  • GigaPan Pro
  • 44" matt cutter
  • 60" Rotatrim cutter
  • matting & framing gear
  • Microtek large format scanner
  • 35mm Nikon slide/negative scanner


Floor Plan